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Recording UK Census data

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Entering the rest of the family
Finally take a look at the Source record for out UK Census 1881 source. Click on the Sources tab on the left of the main window and double click on the UK Census 1882 entry. Click on the References tab. You can see all the records that have been linked to this Source. This is shown in illustration 11. You will note in this view that many of the records, especially the Events, do not have very useful names. You can generate meaningful names for all the Events by clicking on the Tools -> Database Processing -> Extract Event Descriptions from Event Data menu. A word of caution, you can't undo this operation so it may be prudent to backup your database before processing. The results of running this operation are shown in illustration 12.
[[Image:Source View Improved.png|thumbnail|Source View Improved- Illustration 12]]

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