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Gramps 5.0 Wiki Manual - What's new?

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This section gives an overview of changes since Gramps version 4.2. These changes are also detailed later in this manual. Users of Gramps upgrading from version 34.4 1 or 4.1 2 are encouraged to review this section to be sure to take advantage of these new features when they start using version 45.20.
= Before you upgrade =
{{man warn| Warning |Creating an archive alone to safeguard your data might not be appropriate before upgrading. In the unlikely event that Gramps 45.2 0 corrupts your database, it could also corrupt the archive. An backup of your data as outlined in this section is recommended.}}
Before you upgrade, make sure your family tree data is secure. The best way to do this is:
After properly safeguarding your data, proceed to install Gramps 45.20. Using your operating system's regular installation process to do this will in most cases ensure that the new Gramps 45.2 0 installation will not clash with your older version of Gramps. However, it may be safer to uninstall Gramps 3.4 before installing Gramps 45.20, or make sure you install Gramps 45.2 0 in a different location. This is always necessary if you are installing from the source code. For more information on installing Gramps 45.20, please see [[Download|Downloading the latest Gramps]]
After you install Gramps 45.20, you can open your existing family trees and continue working. In case of problems (e.g., after a complete system upgrade), import the backup file(s) created above to recreate your family tree(s).
{{man warn| Warning |Once you open a family tree in a newer version of Gramps '''or''' using a newer operating system, you generally should not try to open that database using an older version again. As always, the ''gramps xml'' format is the format to use for the interchange of your data in such cases. There are tools to repair broken databases, but they are for expert users, so avoid needing them by following the steps above before you upgrade your OS or Gramps.}}
* A Family Tree '''cannot be opened''' in Gramps 3.4/4.0/4.1 /4.2 and Gramps 45.2 0 without upgrade or downgrade.
* A Gramps XML file generated by Gramps 3.4/4.0/4.1 /4.2 is '''not identical''' to one generated by Gramps 4.25* Gramps 40.2 is now '''python3''' only
See [[Database_Formats#Detailed_Changes|detailed changes]] for more details on internal database.
* Review on GtkBuilder, fix some Gtk3 warnings and move from deprecated methods
* Change icons and buttons handling methods
* New Place Editor
[[Image:Place_editor_42.png|New place Editor with Place name edition]]
* New widget: ''[[Gramps_4.2_Wiki_Manual_-_Navigation#Finding_records|interactive searchbox]]''. Use our own interactive-search box to get it.
[[Image:Interactive_search.png|New interactive search box]]
# more efficient (binary search on sorted columns).
# customizable (delayed by 150ms launch of search to avoid text scrambling)
* Ability to [[Gramps_4.2_Wiki_Manual_-_Categories#Adding_places_from_KML_files|import KML]] data into Geography views
* Enhancement for removing multiple selected items from Views (action group)
[[Image:Action_group_dialog.png|Question dialog for grouped actions]]
* Allow to drag a person by dragging the Family label or around Add, Edit, Share buttons.
Add drag support on more Views, Selectors and Editors.
* Add right-click "Copy all" to all QuickTables.
All data from the TreeView, including non-viewed columns.
* Add right-click API to ListModel
* Enhanced Place Editor and new Place Name editor
[[Image:Place_name_editor.png|New Place Name editor]]
* Review Alternate Place handling and edition
* New configuration keys set by user (settings) - [[Gramps_4.2_Wiki_Manual_-_Settings#Places|{{man label|Places}}]] tab options in {{man menu|Edit > Preferences}} dialog
[[Image:Place_settings_42.png|New Places item into Preferences dialog]]
* New filter rule: ''is enclosed by''
== Reports, Tools, Gramplets ==
* Consistency on '''Privacy''' option for reports
[[Image:Include_private.png|Standard ''Privacy'' check box]]
* Consistency on "Name-format" options for reports
* Add DeferredFilter class (a subclass of GenericFilter)
* New textual Report : Links on Notes
* Fix alphabetic index and toc bug in books
* Enhancements on Style Editor
* Enhancements on End Notes into textual reports
* Changes on Individuals complete textual report
* Changes on Ancestors Tree draw report: Include Siblings and ready to go in multiple directions
* Add name-format option, and deferred translation on Records report
* Add deferred translation on Timeline draw report
* Enable [[Gramps_4.2_Wiki_Manual_-_Gramplets#Attributes_Gramplet|attributes gramplet]] on Source and Citation Views
[[Image:Attributes_gramplet_source_citation.png|Enabled Attributes gramplet for Source and Citation objects]]
* Add new place [[Gramps_4.2_Wiki_Manual_-_Gramplets#Location_Gramplet|locations gramplet]]
= Under the hood changes =
== Miscellaneous ==
* Optimizations around index, Flat and TreeView models
* More data into ''example.gramps'': custom parent relationship, notes.
* New test file: ''datetest.gramps''
* New module: ''[ gen.lib.placename]''
* All importers return now an [ ImportInfo] object that can hold information about the import.
* Experimental gwplus (geneweb) import file format support
* libgedcom changes ???
* Remove fallback to md5 module, all supported versions now include the hashlib module.
* Removed experimental [[Addon:HtmlView|HTML renderer view]]
* New test scripts
== Localization ==
* Limit usage of markup into messages, better separation of content (str) and style (GUI).
* New [[Date Handler]] for [ Japanese]
* Review on Slovenian and Czech Date Handlers
* New translations and date handlers : implement both "traditional" and "simplified" Chinese
* Serbian review
== Roadmap ==
* [[Roadmap]]: [http 479 5.20.0]
== Changelog ==
* [http 79 Changelog 45.20.0]
{{man index|Gramps 45.2 0 Wiki Manual - Preface|Gramps 45.2 0 Wiki Manual - Getting started|45.20}}
{{languages|Gramps 45.2 0 Wiki Manual - What's new?}}

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