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Report API

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{{Out man note|The {{man label|Simple Document API interface}}|It is a report API([ Application programming interface]) made for Gramps plugin/addon writers}} The [[Report_API|Simple Document API interface]] is for easy presentation of datethe data and can be used with [[Simple Access API]]. {{stub}}
In Gramps there are five different types of reports.
This common part is implemented in the [ BaseDoc class], which contains among others basic document opening, closing, and stylesheet handling methods. It also stores the physical description of a page (sheet of paper in print).
'''{{man note|Note!''' |The <tt></tt> and the <tt>BaseDoc.close</tt> methods have to be implemented by the subclassed document generators.}}
==Text document API==
The specification of the Textdoc API is [ here]
The interface for adding media objects is as follows:
==Draw document API==
==Graph document API==

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