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Gramps 4.1 Wiki Manual - Reports - part 4

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clarified start with parents of selected first and its interaction with compress tree
{{man label|Start with the parent(s) of the selected first}} will draw a descendancy chart from the father of the starting person,
if known.
It has the same affect as produces a similar result to selecting the father as the starting person and then running the report without this box ticked.The only differences are:<ul><li>The number of generations is increased by 1.</li><li>The title of the report (Except that if selected on the "compress tree" option Include tab) is ineffectivechanged to include both parents of the starting person.)</li><li>There The format of the first generation is no real reason to use this option for a descendant tree report, it exists only changed so that the tree options tab can be mother is at the bottom of the chart instead of next to the same forfather. This is not affected by the descendant tree and family descendant tree reports{{man label|Compress Tree}} option.</ul>
;Tree tab
Both of the Descendant Tree and Family Descendant Tree reports share these features on the Tree tab:
The number of {{man label|Generations}} to see on the report (from including the center starting person/family). If {{man label|Start with the parent(s) of the selected first}} is selected, this number is effectively increased by the chart will include onemore generation.
{{man label|Level of spouses}} specifies the how deep to display spouses.
* 3 means that everyone in the example above will be displayed.
Any option above 1 is very hard to read on the report without the {{man label|Indent Spouses}} option on the Secondary tab.
 And last but not least is the {{man label|Compress Tree}} option which tries to move everyone up as far as they can go (compress) and still have a readable report. If {{man label|Start with the parent(s) of the selected first}} is ticked, {{man label|Compress Tree}} does not have any affect on the first generation.

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