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{{Third-party plugin}}
[[GEPS_030File:_New_Visualization_Techniques#The_HHtreePedigreeView-Treeaddon-example-50.png|thumb|right|600px|H-tree Pedigree View - example showing 5 generations(31 people total)]]
The H-Tree is a structured, space-efficient technique for pedigree visualization (to display ancestral trees).
The H-tree based layout can be used to display ancestral trees. This layout increases the number of displayable generations, via a symmetrically arranged structure, provides the the user with an overview that allows them to understand and navigate through the data.
==Configure the active view==
[[File:HtreePedigreeView-addon-ConfigOptions-Layout-tab-50.png|thumb|right|300px|H-tree Pedigree View - Layout tab - default configuration options]]
You can configure the following options on the {{man label|Layout}} tab:
* [x]Show images
* [x]Show tags
* Tree size: ''5''(default) range 2 to 6 generations.
H-tree will display the following number of people if the Tree size is set to:
* 2 generations = 3 people total
* 3 generations = 7 people total
* 4 generations = 15 people total
* 5 generations = 31 people total
* 6 generations = 47 people total
==Context menu==
[[File:HtreePedigreeView-addon-context-menu-example-50.png|thumb|right|300px|Context menu(right click) example]]
== See also ==
* [[GEPS_030:_New_Visualization_Techniques#The_H-Tree|GEPS 030: New Visualization Techniques - Gramps: The H-Tree]]
* Based on the [[Gramps_5.1_Wiki_Manual_-_Categories#Pedigree_View|Pedigree View]].
== Issues ==
* Drawing issues for "Tree Size" 6 (center three boxes child and parents are too large)
* Add connecting lines to show relationships between people and make the chart clear to read
* Add ability to Print.

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