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Gramps 4.1 Wiki Manual - Reports - part 4

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{d. $d}</pre>
which displays the name, birth date and death date on consecutive lines in the formats set on the Display tab in Gramps preferences. The {} around on the death information third line states that the text 'd. ' will display ONLY when $d has a value, i.e. there is something in the death informationdate field of the database for this person. See [[Gramps_4.1_Wiki_Manual_-_Reports_-_part_2|Substitution Values]] for more information, including how to include places and attributes, and format select different formats for names and dates and places.
And the The check box {{man label|Bold direct descendants}} can also make causes the report easier names and other information about direct descendants to readbe in bold type.
You can set the {{man label|Spousal Display format}}specifies what is displayed for each spouse. The default is the same as for descendants. If you do not wish to have the a separate marital boxfor marriage information, it can be displayed in the spousal spouse box can be used , for marriage information. This option defaults as aboveexample by adding a line with<pre>m.$m </pre>
{{man label|Indent spouses}} will offset spouses a little from each other making it easier to know who has married whoWhich displays the date of the marriage.
{{man label|Indent spouses}} will indent the spouse and marriage boxes from the descendant boxes. {{man label|Include marriage box}} will display a separate box on the tree for each marriage information. The display for this box format is set in {{man label|Marriage Display format}}. The default is <pre>m. $m</pre> which displays the date of the marriage. If this box is not ticked, marriage information will not be displayed unless you specify it in the spousal display format as described above.

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