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Addon:D3 Ancestral and Descendant Charts

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The "D3 Ancestral/Descendant Chart" plugin consists of 3 Web based report plugins, Ancestral Collapsible Tree, Ancestral Fan Chart and Descendant Indented Tree.
Each chart used the [ D3.js library] for it's its layout which are SVG based and provide some really nice interactiveness and animation.
The filtering is based off the text based Ancestry and Descendant Reports.
The Descendant Indented Tree report is a graphical representation of the text based Descendant Report.
When clicking on a person if that person has further descendants, then the tree will dynamically expand or collapse depending on it's its current state.
As with the other reports some customizable colors can be specified at generation time. In this report they pertain to whether there are more descendants to view or not.

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