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Addon:D3 Ancestral and Descendant Charts

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By default up to Great Grandparents are displayed.
Clicking on an ancestor whom has further ancestorswill either collapse or expand all ancestors for that person.
Specific customizable colors indicate whether there are further ancestors for a given person, and can be specified for maternal and paternal lines.
[[Image:D3Chart-AncestralFanChart.png|thumb|right|400px|Sample Ancestral Fan Chart]]
The Ancestral Fan Chart report illustrates an individuals ancestry by means of a full circle fan chart.
The initial display shows the filtered individual at the center of the fan chart.
Selecting individuals on the fan chart will result in that individual becoming the center person and a new fan chart is drawn dynamically indicating that persons ancestry.
Continuous selection of the center of the fan chart will eventually return you tothe original filter person, a page reload will also do this.
Custom colors can be provided for paternal and maternal sides of the filtered person.
The Descendant Indented Tree report is a graphical representation of the text based Descendant Report.
When clicking on a person if that person has further descendants, then the tree will dynamicallyexpand or collapse depending on it's current state.
As with the other reports some customizable colors can be specified at generation time. In this reportthey pertain to whether there are more descendants to view or not.

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