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{{man warn|Obsolete|Code no longer available}}A one-name study is a collection of living persons (''address, phone'') and other biographical (''census'') data about persons sharing a particular surname or patronymic name based on the name of one's father, grandfather or an even earlier male ancestor. Some researchers are satisfied to collect information and reconstructed '''lineages'''. By distinct '''branches''', we distinct '''family groups''' which do not appear to have a direct connection. The data of the different family trees can be manipuled manipulated by “FamilyGroups” which distinguish the '''unrelated groups'''.
==Why ?==
To select each family group, one different marker is added by group (homogenous related branches with one common ancestor). The better use of this marker is in a “Identification Number” ( or "ID") attribute of each person and one value by 'family' group.
== VERSIONSVersion History==*1.0 The first*1.1 Without numeric module, not available for Windows.
1Original download path gone http://www.1 Without numeric module, not available for (dead link)([ archived website]) 2009 Release announcement:
==Programs : “FamilyGroups”==
2/ Change Attributes Values => allows all the attributes of a certain name to be renamed to a new name
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* [[RelatedPersons]]

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