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Census Addons

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[[Category:Plugins]][[Category:Developers/General]][[Category:Reports]][[Category:Gramplets]]{{Third-party plugin}}{{man notewarn|No longer supported|See these 2=The Census Addons have been replaced in Gramps 4.2.X by the [[4.0_Addons#Installing_Addons_in_Gramps Addon:Forms_Gramplet|instructions to install this AddonForms Gramplet addon]]}}
There are two census addons: a gramplet and a report.
A full list of codes is available. See: [[Census Definitions]]
=== Writing your own defintions definitions ===
If a census you require is not in the list of supported definitions then you can write your own.
==Example of using the Census Addon==
This is an example of how to get started with the Census Addon after it is installed as described above. The 1941 1841 UK census is used as the example:
# Start or open a family tree in Gramps.
# Add a person (name and gender) if this is a new family tree.
==External Links and resources==
* [[Census|Census ]] page on Gramps wiki]]* [[File:CanadianCensus.gramps.gz|Census source definitions for available Canadian Censuses]]- Download file
* [[Events_manager#Census_Addon|Sample of use]]
* [ Census XML project]
* [ North Atlantic Population Project]

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