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Known issues

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{{languagesstub}}This page lists Lists of some long-standing recurring issues with Gramps. Be sure also to read the instructions on [[using the bug tracker]], and to check the bug tracker to learn what the current actively researched issues are --- they aren't reported here.
{| {{prettytable}} align="center"
|- align="center"
! Problem
|bgcolor="red"|Gtk+ >= 3.8
|freeze after editing data
|bgcolor="red"|3.x < Gtk+ < 3.14.7
===Gramps and some Gtk versions===
* Some Gtk versions seem not to properly refresh the GUI (need to use the mouse cursor), see bug {{bug|4863}}Only an issue for Gramps 3.x / Not reproducible in Gramps 4.x or newer.* Some Gtk versions have a refresh issue on Citation TreeView (3.4.x) after an edition, see bug {{bug|5688}}FEEDBACK.* Incremental search and synchronization with typed letters, see bug {{bug|1450}}Resolved in Gramps 4.2.0.* New row/line on [[Census_Addons|Census gramplet (addon)]], see bug [ 5688]Only an issue for Gramps 3.x / Not reproducible in Gramps 4.x or newer..
* Layout issue for menu into Geography, see bug [ 5742].
* Gramps freezes after editing a data, see bug {{bug|7772}}. Fixed by using GTK+ 3.14.8 or higher.
===Gramps and some python gobject introspection versions===
====See also====
* Gramps bug {{bug|3069}}CLOSED: GtkTreeView is very slow / crashes with Assistive Technologies / ATK / a11y enabled
* [ GNOME Bug 577098 - GtkTreeView (lists, Nautilus) is very slow with Assistive Technologies enabled (at-spi)], Status: UNCONFIRMED
* [ GNOME Bug 571596 - GTK_MODULES=gail:atk-bridge slows down incredibly TreeStore in pygtk ], Status: RESOLVED / DUPLICATE of 577098
If Python returns a codec/UTF8 warning and this file was pasted from an external support (CD, HD, USB key), maybe filename has been corrupted ! It seems correct on screen but not on command line. Your OS was not able to properly set the encoding used on your external support.
The [ replacement character ] will be often a "�" (black diamond with a white question mark)]
You can try to fix the filename by setting the correct character. Now you will be able to import this file into Gramps !
RTF (''C style escape'') and LaTeX (''latin1'') file format backends on output not initially designed for a unicode support.
It is possible to get strange non-ASCII character handling when using these formats.
It could be very specific, because it has been tested and improved since many versions, but still possible.
* {{bug|3802}} relationship graph URL's not working with PDF format
==== See also ====
* (resolved) {{bug|6883}} non-Western fonts broken in PS reports
* (resolved) {{bug|6884}} RTF reports backend seems to be non-UTF-aware, breaks non-Western text
=See also=
* [[Known issues]]
* [[Common problems]]
* [[Font troubleshooting]]
* [[Gramps and Windows]]
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