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Gramps 4.1 Wiki Manual - Reports - part 4

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Report Options: match dialog
[[File:Graphical-reports-calendar-report-options-41.png|right|thumb|400px|Fig. {{#var:chapter}}.{{#vardefineecho:figure|{{#expr:{{#var:figure}}+1}}}} Graphical Reports - Calendar - Report Options]]
* Year of calendarreport: for which fill in the year you want the calendar . Defaults to be buildcurrent Year.* Filter: select filter to restrict people that appear on the calendarchoose between** '''Entire Database : not recommended!''' (Default)** Descendants of person** Descendant Families families of person** Ancestors of person** People with common ancestors ancestor with ...** any custom filter who have madeactive person* Center Person: the The center person for the report.* Name Format: Select the format to display the names: choose between:** . Choose from '''Default''' / Surname, Given Patronymic** Suffix / Given Surname** Suffix / Given / Main Surnames, Given PatronymicSuffix / SURNAME, Given** Given(Common)* Country for holidays: Select the country to see associated holidays choose between.* First day of week: Select the first day of the week for the report. Default: Monday* Birthday surname:Select married women's displayed surname.** Don't include holidays: default value''Wives use their own surname''' (Default)** Bulgaria / Canada / Chile / China / Croatia / Czech Republic / England / Finland / France / Germany / Japan / Jewish Holidays / New Zealand / Sweden / Ukraine / United States of AmericaWives use husband's surname (from first family listed)* First day of week:* Birthday Wives use husband's surname:(from last family listed)
* Checkboxes:
** Include only living people: include only or not living people persons in the calendar** Include birthdays: include or not birthdays in the calendar** Include anniversaries: include or not anniversaries in the calendar* Translation: The translation to be used for the report. Language selector

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