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Gramps 4.1 Wiki Manual - Reports - part 4

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This report outputs the list of people with their lifetimes represented by intervals on a common chronological scale. Specific options include filter, sorting method, and the title of the report.
====Paper Options==== With the {{man label|Paper Options}} you can change Paper format (Size and Orientation) and margins (Left, Right, Top and Bottom) and use metric values or notSee also [[Gramps_4====Document Options==== Document 1_Wiki_Manual_-_Reports - part 4#Common options: choose the output format: Open Document Text, PDF document, PostScript, Print..., or SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). A {{man label|check box}} is available where you can indicate to open the made document with [ LibreOfficecommon options]] Word Processor or a Document Viewer (PDF file).
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