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Genealogy basics

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A few recommendations in the practice of genealogy:
* '''Get the source.''' No matter how much information you some day obtain regarding your family tree, it will only ever be as good as the sources it came from. Spend the extra effort at the time of discovery to write down all the details.
* '''Research from what you know to what you do not.''' Record everything that is known before making conjecture. The facts at hand can suggest direction for more research. Don't waste time looking through thousands of records hoping for a trail when you have other unexplored options.
* '''Be descriptive.''' Don't limit your record to names, dates and places. Genealogy is not just a study or analysis of what happened, but why it did and how the descendants might have been shaped by the events they went through. Plus, a charming narrative here and there goes a long way to making your family as interesting to others as it is to you.

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