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Gramps 4.0 Wiki Manual - Command Line

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Available Gramps options: gramps -h updated: -q/-y
This section provides the reference list of all command line options available in Gramps. If you want to know more than just a list of options, see next sections: [[Gramps-command line#Operation|Operation]] and [[Gramps-command line#Examples| Examples]]. The summary below is printed by gramps -h.
Usage: [OPTION...]
--load-modules=MODULE1,MODULE2,... Dynamic modules to load
Help options
-?, --help Show this help message
--usage Display brief usage message
Application options -O, --open=FAMILY_TREE Open family treeFamily Tree -C, --create=FAMILY_TREE Create on open if new family treeFamily Tree
-i, --import=FILENAME Import file
-e, --export=FILENAME Export file
-f, --format=FORMAT Specify family tree Family Tree format
-a, --action=ACTION Specify action
-p, --options=OPTIONS_STRING Specify options
-l List Family Trees
-L List Family Trees in Detail
-t List Family Trees, tab delimited -u, --force-unlock Force unlock of family treeFamily Tree
-s, --show Show config settings
-c, --config=[config.setting[:value]] Set config setting(s) and start Gramps
-y, --yes Don't ask to confirm dangerous actions (non-GUI mode only)
-q, --quiet Suppress progress indication output (non-GUI mode only)
-v, --version Show versions

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