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Gramps 4.0 Wiki Manual - Command Line

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Explain Python options
Gramps -L
There are other ways to install Gramps for Mac OS X, but these are much more complicated and are not covered here.
== Python options ==
In the examples of different platforms above, and also in commands in various files you may see some options after the 'python' command, for example '-EO' in
"C:\Program Files\GrampsAIO64\bin\pythonw.exe" -EO ..\share\gramps\ -L
There are other ways It is important to install distinguish between the '''python options''' in this case: -EOand the '''Gramps for Mac OS Xoptions''', but these in this case -L The '''python options''' that you may come across are much more complicated :* -E Ignore all PYTHON* environment variables, e.g. PYTHONPATH and PYTHONHOME, that might be set.* -O Turn on basic optimizations. This changes the filename extension for compiled (bytecode) files from .pyc to .pyo. See also PYTHONOPTIMIZE. The -O optimise flag has a number of effects in Gramps:* If it is not turned on, an additional '''Debug''' entry appears in the '''Tools''' menu.* If it is not turned on, [[Logging_system#So_how_logging_works_in_Gramps_after_all.3F|info logging messages are output]].* If it is not covered hereturned on, [[Debugging_Gramps#Add_debug_statements|debug statements]] may be activated The '''Gramps options''' are described below.
== Available options ==

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