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Development using Eclipse and Pydev

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# A folder that will be the workspace. E.g., ~/devel/eclipse_workspaces/gramps
Download an Eclipse package from [http]. Unzip the file into ~/devel/eclipse_installs/ and run the eclipse binary in ~/devel/eclipse_installs/eclipse when asked for a workspace, enter ~/devel/eclipse_workspaces/gramps
== Installing Pydev and Pylint==
Go to: window > preferences > pydev > pylint tick use pylint and enter /usr/bin/pylint as the pylint path.
== Installing Subversion EGit ==Follow the [ download instructions] to install the Subclipse [ EGit] plugin.
Open the subversion Git perspective and add a repository. httpssh://svn<username> for working on the trunk code. Select Checkout project using new project wizard. Select pydev project wizard. ==See also==* [[Running a development version of Gramps]]

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