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Known issues

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==GRAMPS Gramps and some Gtk versions==
* Some Gtk versions seem not to properly refresh the GUI (need to use the mouse cursor), see bug {{bug|4863}}.
* Some Gtk versions have a refresh issue on Citation TreeView (3.4.x) after an edition, see bug {{bug|5688}}.
* New row/line on Census gramplet (addon), see bug [ 5688].
== GRAMPS Gramps freezes and crashes with ATK / GNOME / GAIL Assistive Technologies enabled ==There have been multiple reports of long freezes and crashes of GRAMPS Gramps when refreshing the people or place tree view, e.g. after editing a person or changing the Name Display Format. They are related to the use of GNOME Assistive Technologies (ATK/GAIL).
* Gnome 2.x
===See also===
* GRAMPS Gramps bug {{bug|3069}}: GtkTreeView is very slow / crashes with Assistive Technologies / ATK / a11y enabled
* [ GNOME Bug 577098 - GtkTreeView (lists, Nautilus) is very slow with Assistive Technologies enabled (at-spi)], Status: UNCONFIRMED
* [ GNOME Bug 571596 - GTK_MODULES=gail:atk-bridge slows down incredibly TreeStore in pygtk ], Status: RESOLVED / DUPLICATE of 577098
* [ GNOME Bug 587020 - GtkTreeView crawls with a11y enabled], Status: RESOLVED / Resolution: DUPLICATE of 577098
== GRAMPS Gramps runs out of locks ==With a large database, GRAMPS Gramps can "run out of available locks".
For 140.000 people you should use: max_locks 300000 and max_objects 300000
'''See also'''
* GRAMPS Gramps bugs {{bug|2686}}: crashed importing d03 stress test database, and workarounds
== Gramps and AttributeError ==
See [[AttributeError:_NoneType_object_has_no_attribute|AttributeError]]
== GRAMPS Gramps cannot import media with non-ASCII characters on filename ==
If Python returns a codec/UTF8 warning and this file was pasted from an external support (CD, HD, USB key), maybe filename has been corrupted ! It seems correct on screen but not on command line. Your OS was not able to properly set the encoding used on your external support.
You can try to fix the filename by setting the correct character. Now you will be able to import this file into Gramps !
== GRAMPS Gramps cannot display some characters into reports ==
RTF (''C style escape''), Postscript (''latin1''), LaTex (''latin1'') file formats on output are not designed for an unicode support.
It could be very specific, because it has been tested and improved since many versions, but possible.
== GRAMPS Gramps cannot set date greater than 21 ==
Gramps-3.0.4 under Jaunty 9.04 cannot uses date editor or media reference editor. [[Installation#Upgrading_GRAMPSUpgrading_Gramps|Upgrading]] to [[Installation#Ubuntu_and_derivatives|3.1.2]] fixes this issues.
'''See also'''

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