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If you can't access the current version from your operating system's repositories you'll need to get it from this site. Some helpful users of GRAMPS have made packages for various systems. If you're lucky you'll find your system below. If it's missing you can contact the developers email list for advice.
{{cleanup|fi}} * '''Ubuntu''' and derivatives (Kubuntu, Mephis, ...): Ubuntu packages are available on [ GRAMPS download page].** (10.10) : See [ gramps_3.3.2-1.debOldFiles]** (10.04) : [ gramps_3.3.2-1.deb]** Jaunty Jackalope (9.04) : download [ gramps_3.2.6-1_Ubuntu9.deb] ** Intrepid Ibex (8.10) : download [ gramps_3.1.2-1_Ubuntu810.deb]** Hardy (8.04) : download [ gramps_3.1.1-1_Ubuntu840.deb]** Gutsy (7.10) : download [ gramps_3.0.3-1_Ubuntu710.deb]** Feisty (7.04) : download [ gramps_2.2.10-1_all.deb] and [ gramps-help_2.2.10-1_all.deb] , and install with your package manager. Standard you could use the [ gdebi] package.** Dapper, Edgy and before: 2.2.10 is not available yet, for now download [ gramps_2.2.8-1dapper1_all.deb] and [ gramps-help_2.2.8-1dapper1_all.deb] , and install with your package managerarchives.
* '''SuSE''': Richard Bos has been providing the GRAMPS releases for SuSE's apt repository. They are available from his [ ''rbos'' repository]. See also the forum entry about [ satisfying GRAMPS dependencies for SuSE with the ''rbos'' and SMART].
* '''Mandriva''': Newer versions of GRAMPS are sometimes backported. To install backports you must enable the ''backports'' repository (make sure you understand the instructions on the [ Mandriva wiki]). If the latest version is not in the ''backports'' repository you cab try the ''contrib'' repository.
* '''Fedora''': For Fedora Core 6 look on the [ GRAMPS download page] for a package containing ''fc6'' and ending with ''.rpm''. For Fedora 7, ''fc7'' and so on. The alternative to installing from source is to [[fedora rpmFedora RPM|build a package]] from an rpm spec file, or install a binary from fedora testing.
* '''Debian''': the latest version should be in the ''unstable'' repository ([ Sid Gramps]) and can be upgraded from your package manager. The ''testing'' repository is updated 10 days later (except near a new stable release), see [ Lenny Gramps].
==Windows, BSD, MacOs, Solaris==
For Windows, there is an experimental [[Windows installer]]. If this installer does not offer the most recent versions of GRAMPS Gramps in Windows, you need to wait until a new installer is made available.For Windows user: See also some additional information on page [[GRAMPS_and_WindowsGramps_and_Windows]].
For MacOSX, both the [ Fink project] and [ MacPorts] have Gramps as a installable package. Fink currently has '''very''' old versions available it in the [ package database]. Detailed instructions on using both these systems to install recent versions of gramps are given under [[Mac_OS_X|Installing from source code on Mac OS X]]

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