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'''Screenshots of all Gramps windows'''
==Tips== * command linee.g, by using [ imagemagick ] (should be installed with every linux distribution, if not, get it):
<code>import -quality 100 -trim -delay 200 -resize 500 -density 100x100 -frame -channel RGB -depth 8 screenshot.png</code>
This creates a fully compressed (<code>-quality 100</code>), timed screenshot after 2 seconds (<code>-delay 200</code>) of size 500 pixels wide (<code>-resize 500</code>), with resolution 100 (<code>-density 100x100</code>), with the window frame attached (<code>-frame</code>) in RGB mode (<code>-channel RGB</code>) and bbp 24 (<code>-depth 8</code>). This creates images of 5 inches wide, which fit nicely on a book page, as well as on a HTML page.  * For maintenance, it could be more easy to follow a naming scheme : ** filename-''{gramps version number}-{locale}''.png <pre>Mainwin-40-de.png</pre>
See tip tips for a [[Translating_the_Gramps_User_manual#Screenshots|quick a screenshot]].
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