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GEPS 005: Enhanced Plugin Interface

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# Refactor the MenuOptions [under review]
# Add needed MenuOptions to cover all reports
# Update all of the reports to use abstract options ("menu" options) (see discussion here hhttp[ Improving report options] By Brian Matherly - Sep 05, 2007)
# Generalize the report dialogs and remove the need for a report plugin to ever need to define or customize a dialog.
# Rethink each plugin type (report, graph, tool, etc) to be a well-defined API
# Use the new two-file plugin format (.py + together in a tgz file
# Possible directory-based format
# External SVN (
# Plugin manager
# Need local translations
== Discussion ==
This proposal is discussed here:
*{{bug|1310}} - Plugin interface is too inflexible (resolved 2011)*[* vs. ReportDialog question], Douglas S. Blank, Oct 18, 2007
If you have ideas, comments, or questions, please note them here.

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