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What to do for a release

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'''What to do for a release'''
These notes are based on version 3.34.01, released in June 2011August 2012. The steps assume a working <tt>gramps33gramps34</tt> source directory. See [[Running a development version of Gramps]] if this is not the case.
==Translation update==
Run the following steps:
cd gramps33gramps34
svn update
cd po
Using the <tt>Changelog</tt> files generated with <tt>svn2cl</tt> in the step above, edit and update the <tt>NEWS</tt> file.
Commit the NEWS file. Note the svn commit revision number, which you'll need in the next step when you create the subversion tag:
svn commit -m "update for 3.34.0 1 release" Committed revision 1775120254.
==Subversion tag==
Using the previous commit revision number, create a tag for the new release:
svn copy -r 17751 20254 gramps34 1 -m "tag 3.34.01" Committed revision 1775220255.
==Working on the tag==
Check out the new tag:
cd ..
svn co cd gramps-3.34.01
Modify <tt></tt> to indicate an official release:
make distcheck
Note you should now have the file <tt>gramps-3.34.01.tar.gz</tt>, approximately 8 MB in size.
==Making the source tarball available==

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