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{{man warn|The Geography addon {{man label|[[GeoView]]}} based on OsmGpsMap has been integrated into Gramps 3.3, see the [[User_manual|user manual]] for further information|[[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Categories#Geography_Category]]}}
Work in progress: Serge
Need To have these views plot a map pin for an [[Gramps_Glossary#event|Event]] correctly, the view needs to add imagesbe told where to place the pin. This means each of those Events need to be related to a [[Gramps_Glossary#place|Place]]. Moreover, these Places must have coordinates data stored for latitude and longitude.
To have these views working correctlyIf a Place has no coordinates defined, you need to have events related to places.These places must have coordinates : latitude and longitudeno event in that Place will ever be seen on the map.If an Event has no Place defined, that Event will be omitted from the map
If There are different ways to add coordinates to places :# Within the Geography View's contextual menu popup, [[Geography#Adding_or_Linking_to_a_place|you can link or add one place]].# numeric coordinates may be keyed in directly using the [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Entering_and_editing_data:_detailed_-_part_2#Place_Editor_dialog|Place Editor]] in one of the [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Entering_and_editing_data:_detailed_-_part_2#Supported_longitude.2Flatitude_formats|supported formats]]# individual place has no coordinates, we'll never see it can be added using an add-on that harmonizes a Gramps Place with one of the mapGIS standards.
here are different ways to add coordinates to places :# Within While you have an active internet connection, for all moves on the menu popup you can link or add one placemap, at each zoom scale .# ..the map service tiles displayed under the pins in the Geography view will be saved in caching folders. Cached tiles are re-used rather than repeatedly requesting the same map service data.
If you have internet active, for all moves on the map, all zoom ... all tiles are saved.
When you are without internet, all tiles cached in a previous session can be used.
So, the map can be used without internet.If a tile has not been cached at that zoom scale, the cached tile at the closest wider zoom scale will be stretched to fit.
The only thing to do is for For each place or area region that you want to use without an internet connection is toselect themview later while offline, zoom into these places. You'll be able to use them those tiles again without connection.
'''''BE CAREFUL''''' : it {{man warn|Be aware of the storage requirements|Caching tiles can takes consume gigabytesof storage. If you use several maps, you need to have this same gigabytes size multiply of usage will be multiplied by the number of map services used.}}
=== The different views ===
This view is not connected to filters. It only depend on the active person and the history.
If you want to use the animate functionality, click on the right button of the mouse. You'll get a popup menu.In the this menu popup, you can select 'animate' to see the life way of the current person :
If the active person has several related events, you can see a virtual move between those markers. The move is related to years or distance and can be modified in the person map preferences. If the distance between to markers is greater than a value in tenth of degree, we show moves depending on distance instead of years. In these case, the number of steps between these two markers can be modified. You can modify the animation speed between steps. The moves start at the first event year until the last event year.
!colspan="3" align="left" |
==== All known places for one family ====
!colspan="3" align="left" |
==== Have they been able to meet ? ( from 4.0 ) ====
| valign="top" |
!colspan="3" align="left" |
==== Have these two families been able to meet ? ( from 4.0 ) ====
| valign="top" |
!colspan="3" align="left" |
==== All displacements for one person and their descendants ( from 4.0 ) ====
| valign="top" |
| valign="top" |
[[ImageFile:grampsGramps-places-6.png|left|frameless|200px| Places]]
| valign="top" |
===The configuration===
See the description of the view.
===The mouse actions on the map===
The right button below is for one right handed person.
This will be the left button for one left handed person.
====button 1 ( left button )====
You have two usages for the button 1 :
#center the map at the mouse position.
#change the map provider
#add place from kml
#show all events or places for the "show all places" and "all events related to places" views.
#clear the tile cache
===Click on a marker===
===Adding or Linking to a place===
For this, click on the right button of the mouse, you'll get a popup menu.
In this menu, you can select Add place or Link place
When you add a place or try to link a place to the position of the mouse, you'll get a place selection in a region.
You'll see on the map a circle in which you may choose markers place names. You can adjust the circle size with the cursor. Depending on the diameter of this circle, a list is created. If the place has already some filled fields, you'll see these values in a green color row. If you agree, you double click on this row. if you don't agree, you can choose another row.
===How to change the map provider ?===
We have several available providers in gramps.
Click on the right button of the mouse, you'll get a popup menu.
In the bottom of this menu, you can select a new provider.
The following providers are avalible :
# OpenStreetMap
# Maps For Free
# OpenCycleMap
# Public Transport
# Google street
# Google sat
# Google hybrid
# Virtualearth street
# Virtualearth sat
# Virtualearth hybrid
===Can we change the marker's color ?===
We can't do that. The marker's colors are hard coded in gramps.
The colors are green for the following renderers : openstreetmap, Maps for free, Opencyclemap and Public transport.
All others are red.
===How to get/remove the crosshair ?===
It can be useful to have the crosshair visible to see the center of the map.
This functionality is available with the right button of the mouse. you'll get a popup menu.
Select Add or Remove cross hair.
===How to lock/unlock the map ?===
When we change the map ( person to family, ... ), the zoom is recalculated.
It can be useful in some case to keep the same zoom when we change the map.
For this, click on the right button of the mouse, you'll get a popup menu.
In this menu, you can select lock or unlock zoom and position.
==Gramps Integration==
[[GEPS 025: Geography]]
==See also==[ "Map your family tree with Gramps and QGIS – how to digitize and visualize genealogy"], a we article by Jakob on [] {{Free screenshot|GPL}}All images on this page are free screenshots}} [[GeoView]] [[Category:GEPS|G]][[Category:Plugins]][[Category:Developers/General]][[Category:Views|G]]

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