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De:Namen in Gramps

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The name of a person is a central concept Der Name einer Person ist ein zentraler Begriff in genealogyder Genealogie. In Gramps, you can enter name information in the [[Media:Edit-person_32person_33_de.png|Person Edit Dialog]] and from the names tab or the edit icon at the top of this dialog, you can jump to the [[Media:Edit-an.png|Name Edit bearbeiten Dialog]].
==Name TypesNamensarten==
A name is of a certain type. Some types are predefined:
* Birth Name: Name given at birth to a child
Within a name type, you have several fields to identify uniquely the name.
===Family NameFamilienname===
The family name is the part of the name that remains the same from parent (father) to child.
In the person view, people are sorted based on this family name. In the case of cultures which do not use family names, one can use the grouping feature in the Name editor to design a name under which to group people from the same family (eg, the patronymic).
===Given NameVorname===
The given name is the part of the name of a person which is chosen freely by the parentsDer Vorname, ist der Teil des Namens, der von den Eltern frei gewählt wird.
===Call NameRufname===
(The accuracy of this section is contested --[[User:Duncan|DuncanNZ]] 09:49, 26 August 2008 (EDT))<!-- we need to look in the email archive for a proper definition by the people who requested this feature. -->
A title given to this person. Titles often accompany names on all official documents, eg Sir, Dr., ...
Furthermore, one can add extra names in the names tab of this editor. To switch a new name to be the standard name, one needs to use the context menu (right click on the name), and select 'Save as default name'.
Nicknames can be handled in two ways; either as a name type: Add Name, overwrite 'Birth Name' with 'Nickname' in the name Type, or use the AKA default name type.

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