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Overrule Gramps Icons

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Overrule GTK icons
To overrule GTK icons, your theme must be correctly configured. The theme will normally map a set of gtk icons to theme icons. In eg the Tango icon set, a actions/gtk-copy.png icon is available. By replacing it you see it everywhere different.
In KDE, if you use the GTK-QT-engine to make GTK apps look like QT apps, you will note that this does not work 100%. '''Patches have been accepted in GTK-QT to make it work, version > 0.7'''. <br \>If you have version <= 0.7 you can hack the .gtk_qt_engine_rc file in your home directrydirectory to make it work. The variable ''pixmap_path'' sets the absolute path where icons can be found, and eg
{ "22x22/actions/text_bold.png", *, *, "gtk-large-toolbar" },

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