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DNA gramplet
Talk ==Using mediawiki subpages==The wiki currently uses them mostly for language translations, but as soon as I can get a full half day I'll be upgrading mediawiki and installing the [ MediaWiki_Language_Extension_Bundle] and a few other goodies. Feel free to meuse subpages as you need, but don't use too many sublevels due language translation and user experience. Thanks [[User:Sam888|Sam888]] ([[User talk:Sam888|talk]]) 03:32, 19 May 2020 (UTC):: Ok will do, Thanks for looking after the wiki etc ..looking forward to the upgrade. [[User:Gioto|Gioto]] ([[User talk:Gioto|talk]]) 21:50, 19 May 2020 (UTC)==Great workBegging for Help buttons and Help Links in General!==Hi>> ''why do users even have to beg for a help button(s) ,Great work on the wiki (here & on wikipediamoving to issues section!).''
For questions Mainly because the Gramps project has been around for a long time (big ball of string comes to mind) and with volunteers they do what interest them only. Apart from that I can say that it looks to have been slowly improving with each release see the following issues [ 8888], [ 9042], [ 10919] the last one which has been closed (possibly accidentally as not all of it is probably best you join has been done!) and the developer or user mailing list associated issues. See also. [[User:GulliblePangolin|GulliblePangolin]] ([[User talk:GulliblePangolin|talk]]) 00:45, 20 May 2020 (UTC):: Understood and askthanks for the link, just a little frustrated, as most likley they will be missed in so much outdated stuff here! I'll keep chipping away at it at least from the change line summarywiki side. [[User:Gioto|Gioto]] ([[User talk:Gioto|talk]]) 02:09, 20 May 2020 (UTC)
For the SoundEx issue, please go ahead and open a bug report.==DNA gramplet==I am awaiting for my PR for SyncAssociation OK dialog [ #461] be accepted by [[User:DaleathanNickHall|DaleathanNickHall]] 15:21, 24 October 2011 (MST)and then I will do the PR for the updated DNA gramplet.
==Offer The DNA update is a significant rewrite so I put the doc changes in my personal page rather than publish it. I dont know how to update my git with these DNA gramplet changes without conflicting with the submitted (not merged) SyncAssociation PR (this is the reason I canceled the previous PR as it included both SyncAssociation and DNA changes). I think you can access my new version at [ DNA]. Feedback is encouraged from you or [[User:Matt]] or anyone else before I push it for review.  The input (Association name of DNA and format of Help for segment data in Notes) was defined by [[User:NickHall|NickHall]] in the wiki==initial experimental version and I am not changing this. Hi Romjerome, would you like some help with cleaning up the spam? [[User:GaryGriffin|GaryGriffin]] ([[Usertalk:GiotoGaryGriffin|Giototalk]] 01) 17:4825, 20 November 2011 Sep 2020 (MSTPST):Hi Gioto.:Yes, any help is welcome. I saw that you and [[User:DaleathanGaryGriffin|DaleathanGaryGriffin]] already made some good things : Thank you for the wikisharing. Testing seems to work fine. Some notes and ideas:):# The loading speed might become a problem. For higher rights, you need 8 associations it already takes ~3 seconds to load.:# Overlapping segments are hidden below others and currently unaccessible. A way to contact draw overlapping segments in seperate rows might be an interesting feature in future.:[[User:BmcageMatt|BennyMatt]].([[User talk:Matt|talk]]) 10:47, 25 September 2020 (UTC)

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