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Gramps People Category screenshots

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== Main window, People ==
This screenshot shows the main window in GRAMPSGramps, displaying the People Category - Person (PeopleList) View.
This view shows all people in the database, displayed in a tree list and grouped sorted by family name. The view may be switched to other views by selecting one of the buttons on the lefthand left-hand side of the screen.
[[ImageFile:MainwinMainWindow-SearchBar-annotated-sidebar-hidden-example-50.png|750px|thumb|left|Gramps Main window Window (Person View)showing Search Bar]]{{-}}
== Main window, People with filter sidebar ==
This screenshot shows the same view, but with the sidebar filter enabled. The filter allows you to control which people in the display are visible in the display.
[[ImageFile:SidePeopleCategory-filtsidebar-filter-enabled-50.png|Main window with the sidebar filter enabled]]
=== Filters ==={{man note|NOTE: |''Use regular expressions'' only works on '''some''' fields}}
Some simple regular expressions to filter out persons with surnames spelled slightly different.
With this regular expression in the sidebar filter Name entry:
eri[ck](s|ss)on  or   eri[ck](ss?)on or eri[ck]s+on
You get all four versions as result:
==See also==
* [[Gramps_5.1_Wiki_Manual_-_Categories#People_Category]]

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