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Mac OS X:Application package

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How to Download and run the binary GRAMPS application for Mac
'''Links with other programs:''' Double clicking an image in the media reference editor should bring up Apple Preview, or a similar program, to view the image. Clicking the view button in an internet reference should bring up the URL in the default browser. Clicking the Google Maps button in the Places display should bring up the map in the browser.
GRAMPS doesn't use the X11 Mac package. It's useful to install [ LibreOffice], [ Calligra] (or [ NeoOffice], a more mac-friendly version) and [ Graphviz] to produce reports, but they are both straightforward.
'''Dictionaries:''' The spelling checker uses MySpell dictionaries -- the same ones that [ LibreOffice] and NeoOffice use. Unfortunately, they bury them in their application bundles, so you can find them to [ download here]. You need to install them in /Library/Dictionaries, and you'll need to authenticate as an administrator to do so. If you have one of them installed and know how to make symbolic links from the command line, you'll find them in Contents/share/uno_packages/cache/uno_packages, scattered about in the hash-named directories. You'll need to link both the aff and dic files (e.g., en_US.aff and en_US.dic).

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