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Translation into Russian

151 bytes removed, 18:50, 27 March 2011
TODO: 4598 fixed
Currently, trunk has higher precedence than 3.2 -- agreed betw Jerome, Andrei, and Vassilii. Let's clean up trunk first and then back-port, unless there are specific translation bugs open by users who suffer from some wrong strings displayed in 3.2. If there is a specific area to be translated that you are working on right now, best if you mark it here so that we don't have duplicate work and merge conflicts. [[User:BACbKA|BACbKA]] 02:28, 10 February 2011 (EST)
* New name editor and associated name format (in progress: Egor Reentov) See also http://www.gramps-project.org/bugs/view.php?id=4598 re patronymic/NotPatronymic discussion, http://www.gramps-project.org/bugs/view.php?id=3161 on the Russian context, and bugs related to these on the tracker.
** The NotPatronymic and related translations on hold until the discussions mentioned above resolve --[[User:Egor|Egor]] 00:25, 12 February 2011 (EST)
* clean up all fuzzy translations in ru_po, merge with new template (in progress: Vassilii). Once this is done (or along the way)
** test all the reports in Russian

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