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Install latest BSDDB

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Installing the latest version of the BSDDB database tends to solve the problem.
'''This guide is for version 3.3 of Gramps, for earlier versions, you need to manually change python files!'''
== Why install latest version ? ==
(5, 1, 19)
=== Remove old BSDDB and replace with new in GRAMPSMake Gramps use bsddb3===* Go into In version 3.3, you can make Gramps use the GRAMPS directorybsddb3 package by setting a config key. * Open For this, open the following filesini file:   ~/.gramps-2.2.8/src/ gramps33/gramps-2.2.8/src/Editors/_EditFamily.pyini /gramps-2.2.8/src/GrampsDb/ /gramps-2.2.8/src/GrampsDb/_GrampsDbBase.pyand look for the line /gramps-2.2.8/src/GrampsDb/ /gramps;;use-2.2.8/src/GrampsDb/_ReadGedcom.pybsddb3=False /gramps-2.2.8/src/GrampsLogger/ /gramps-2.2.8/src/plugins/Leak.pyChange this line into
* In these files, look up the line import bsddb:Change this line into import use-bsddb3=True
'''The above requires further testing!!!'''If you now start Gramps, bsddb3 will be used.
== Test ==
You should now have GRAMPS use the latest BSDDB version. Test if all works
== External Link ==

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