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Census Addons

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{{Third-party plugin}}{{man warn|No longer supported|2=The Census Addons have been replaced in Gramps 4.2.X by the [[CategoryAddon:Plugins]][[Category:Developers/GeneralForms_Gramplet|Forms Gramplet addon]]}} 
There are two census addons: a gramplet and a report.
Before using the census addons you need to define which of your sources are census sources.
To do this you need to edit each source and add an entry in the Data Attributes tab. The entry must have a key of "Census" and a value which is a code that identifies the census. Prior to v4.1, use the Data tab. After typing the value code you must press "Enter" before clicking "OK", or the value will not be saved. {{man tip| Translated Gramps |2=If you are using a Gramps in other language than english, type the value key in translated form. E.g. in finnish "Väestönlaskenta".}}
=== Supported values are:definitions ==={| {{Prettytable}}A number of supported [[Census Definitions|-! Code !! Descriptiondefinitions]] are included with the download.|-| A full list of codes is available. UK1841 || 1841 England and Wales See: [[CensusDefinitions]]|-| UK1851 || 1851 England and Wales Census=== Writing your own definitions ===|-| UK1861 || 1861 England and Wales CensusIf a census you require is not in the list of supported definitions then you can write your own.|-| UK1871 || 1871 England and Wales Census|-| defintions are stored in a XML files. UK1881 || 1881 England and Wales These are located in the Census|-| directory beneath your plugins directory. UK1891 || 1891 England and Wales Census|-| The file called census.xml, provided in the download, contains some common definitions. UK1901 || 1901 England Additional files called custom.xml and Wales Censustest.xml will also be searched.|-| Definition files consist of an XML declaration followed by a censuses element. UK1911 || 1911 England and Wales Census|-|}{| {{Prettytable}}|-! Code !! Description|-| <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF- || 1774 French Census|-8" ?>| FR1790 || 1790 French Census<censuses>|-| FR1793 || 1793 (An II) French Census|'''Note:''' Make sure that your definition file is saved using UTF-8 encoding.| FR1796 || 1796 (An V) French/Belgian Census|The censuses element contains a number of census elements, each representing a census definition. The census start-tag contains 3 attributes:| FR1801 || 1801 (An X) French/Belgian Census|-* id : A unique code to identify the census definition.| FR1806 || 1806 French/Belgian Census* title : A description of the census.|-* date : The date of the census in a Gramps date format.| - || 1817 French Census|-| FR1820 || 1820/1821 French Census|-| FR1826 || 1826 French Census|-| FR1831 || 1831 French <census id='UK1841' title='1841 UK Census|-| FR1836 || 1836 French Census|-| FR1841 || ' date='6 Jun 1841 French Census'>|-| Each census element should contain a column element for each column in the census. FR1846 || 1846 French CensusColumn elements describe information that may be recorded for each person on the census.|-| FR1851 || 1851 French CensusA column element contains:|-| * An _attribute element. FR1856 || 1856 French Census|-| This contains the key used to store column information in the Attributes of Event Reference objects within the Gramps database. FR1861 || 1861 French CensusOnce defined this text must not be changed.|-| * An optional _longname element. FR1866 || 1866 French CensusThis contains a fuller description of the column that is used in the tooltips in the editor and for the heading in the census report.|-| * A size element. FR1872 || 1872 French Census|-| This contains the size of the column in the census report. FR1876 || 1876 French Census|-| It is a percentage of the page width. FR1881 || 1881 French CensusThe sum of all size elemnts in a definition should total 100.|-| FR1886 || 1886 French Census<column>|- <_attribute>At Home</_attribute>| FR1891 || 1891 French Census|-| FR1896 || 1896 French Census|-| FR1901 || 1901 French Census|-| FR1906 || 1906 French Census|- <_longname>Working at Home</_longname>| FR || Local Census (not national)|-|}{| {{Prettytable}}|-! Code !! Description|-| - || 1814 Belgian <size>7</French Census|-size>| - || 1829 Belgian</Nederland Censuscolumn>|-| Note: BE1846 || 1846 Belgian CensusThe underscore is important and indicates that the text should be translated by translators.|-| Each census element may optionally contain heading elements. BE1856 || 1856 Belgian CensusHeading elements describe information that is recorded once for each census.|-| BE1866 || 1866 Belgian CensusA heading element contains:|-| * An _attribute element. BE1880 || 1880 Belgian CensusThis contains the key used to store census information in the Attributes of Event objects within the Gramps database.|-| BE1890 || 1890 Belgian Census<heading>|- <_attribute>City or Borough</_attribute>| BE1900 || 1900 Belgian Census|-| BE1910 || 1910 Belgian Census|-|}{| {{Prettytable}}|-! Code !! Description</heading>|-| US1790 || 1790 US Census|-| US1800 || 1800 US Census|-| US1810 || 1810 US Census|-| US1820 || 1820 US Census|Although you can add your definitions to the pre-defined entries in census.xml, you can create a separate file called custom.xml for this purpose.| US1830 || 1830 US Census|-=== Submitting your definitions ===| US1840 || 1840 US Census|-| US1850 || 1850 US CensusOnce you have written some custom definitions, you may wish to share them with the Gramps community.|-| US1860 || 1860 US A [[Census|-| US1870 || 1870 US Census|-| US1880 || 1880 US Census|-| US1890 || 1890 US Census|-| US1900 || 1900 US Census|-| US1910 || 1910 US Census|-| US1920 || 1920 US Census|-| US1930 || 1930 US Census|-|}Testing]] area is available for this purpose.
==Census Gramplet==
===Census Editor===
[[File:census edition.png|thumb|400px|right|Census edition]]
The census editor is designed so that most census data can be entered into a single form.
* The first thing to enter is the census source. This is selected from a drop-down list at the top of the editor.
* Once the source has been selected the census date is populated automatically.
* Next a source reference can be entered. This should comprise of one or more references that uniquely identify the census entry. In the case of a UK census you will need to enter the PRO reference, Piece, Folio and Page.
* A place can be selected in the usual Gramps manner.
At the bottom of the editor there is a table which allows the user to enter data specific to individual people listed on the census return. A new person can be created and then added to the census by clicking the "+" button. A person already in Gramps can be added to the census by clicking the second button ("share"). A census source must be selected before people can be added to the list, and after the first person is added, the source can no longer be changed.
The census data can then be saved by clicking the "OK" button or discarded using "Cancel".
==Samples== ===Census Report===
The census report prints census events in a format similar to the original census entries.
The last option prints all censuses in the database.
''Census Report for Martin, John''
Date: 3 Apr 1881
Source Reference: 17 Hope Terrace - RG 11 /2854 page 27
Address: Wednesbury
Name Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Disability
Martin, John Head Married 36 Laborer Wednesbury /
N., Zillah Wife 36 Golds Greence
Martin, Arthur Son 11 Scholar Wednesbury
Martin, Zillah Daughter 7 Scholar Wednesbury
Martin, Catherine Daughter 5 Scholar Wednesbury
===NarrativeWeb Report===
[[File:narrative census.png|thumb|370px|right|Census data on individual form for NarrativeWeb Report]]
[[File:narrative events.png|thumb|370px|left|Shared Event]]
<br clear="all" />
==Data Storage==
[[File:census data.png|thumb|400px|right|Census data]]
Each census return is stored as a single event record with an event type of "Census".
Data can also be edited using the usual Gramps editors.
==Editing stored census return==
Add Census Gramplet to Person Category. Search a person with Event reference to the stored census return you wish to edit. Clicking the stored census return opens Census Editor. In case no person is yet recorded in Census return's Details tab, go to Person Category, link an existing person or a new person to to the stored census return. Continue with opening the stored census return in Census Gramplet.
==Example of using the Census Addon==
This is an example of how to get started with the Census Addon after it is installed as described above. The 1841 UK census is used as the example:
# Start or open a family tree in Gramps.
# Add a person (name and gender) if this is a new family tree.
# Go to the Source view.
# Add a source with a title like "Source for 1841 Census"
# Add a Census key (v4.1):
## Open that source and go to the "Attributes" tab.
## Click on the plus symbol to add a key and value.
## Fill in the Attribute field with "Census".
## Fill in the Value field and with "UK1841". It is important here to not have a space in the Value. Use "UK1841", not "UK 1841".
## Click on OK.
# Add a Census key (Prior to v4.1):
## Open that source and go to the "Data" tab.
## Click on the plus symbol to add a key and value.
## Fill in in the key column with "Census" and hit enter.
## Click on Value column and fill in "UK1841", hit enter. It is important here to not have a space in the Value. Use "UK1841", not "UK 1841".
## Click on OK.
## Reopen the Source to see if the key and value pair have been successfully stored in the "Data" tab (optional).
# Go to the People view and switch on the sidebar (View->sidebar).
# Add the "Census Gramplet" by rightclicking on the side bar and choosing "Add Gramplet->Census Gramplet".
# Select the person that you created (or an existing person that appears in that census) in the main window.
# In the Census Gramplet on the sidebar, click "New".
# The New Census" gramplet form should open and you can click on the arrow down bútton to the right of "Source". You should see the "Source for 1841 Census". Select this.
# Now you can enter all of the details from the census (e.g. Reference to the page and the address), and then add people in the normal Gramps way.
# Fill in the details from the census page against each person.
==Known Issues==
==Future Enhancements==
I plan to implement the following Possible future enhancements:* Add heading fields for Municipal Ward, Ecclesiastical Parish etc...
* Split the Source Reference Page/Volume field into its component parts. (e.g. Ref., Piece, Folio, Page)
* Add a census image to gallery of the Event object.
* Add the current person when creating a new census.
* Improve data entry into the table cells. Automatically edit the next cell when "Enter" is pressed.
The following have been requested but require further thought:
* Add check-boxes to automatically add the census source to selected Gramps records.
* Ensure that attributes are kept in the correct order in the Gramps editor.
* Remove the need to add Data tags to sources. Create a tool to define census sources and store them in the Gramps configuration file.
==External Links and ressourcesresources== * [[Census]] page on Gramps wiki* [[File:CanadianCensus.gramps.gz|Census source definitions for available Canadian Censuses]] - Download file* [[Events_manager#Census_Addon|Sample of use]]* [ Census XML project]* [ North Atlantic Population Project]
* [[Census|Census page on wikiCategory:Plugins]][[Category:Developers/General]][[Category:Reports]][[Category:Gramplets]]

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