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GEPS 011: Tagging

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This page is for the discussion of a proposed enhancement of GRAMPS by adding tags.
[[Image:Screenshot1.png|left|thumb|350px|Fig. 1.1 Tag actions from Edit menu]]
[[Image:Screenshot2.png|right|thumb|350px|Fig. 1.2 Tag actions from Toolbar button]]
[[Image:Screenshot3.png|left|thumb|350px|Fig. 1.3 Attach a new tag to a multiple selection]]
[[Image:Screenshot4.png|right|thumb|350px|Fig. 1.4 Tag selection in the Person Editor]]
[[Image:Screenshot5.png|left|thumb|350px|Fig. 1.5 Filter on a tag from the Filter Sidebar]]
[[Image:Screenshot6.png|right|thumb|350px|Fig. 1.6 Tag Organizer]]
[[Image:Screenshot7.png|left|thumb|350px|Fig. 1.7 Tags column and colored rows]]
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== Analogy with mails ==

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