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GEPS 011: Tagging

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{{GEPS-Finished}}{{man menu|'''This page proposal has now been [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Filters#Tagging|implemented]], and is for in GRAMPS 3.3.'''}} ===Screenshots=== The following screenshots illustrate the discussion of functionality now available in trunk. [[Image:Screenshot1.png|left|thumb|350px|Fig. 1.1 Tag actions from Edit menu]][[Image:Screenshot2.png|right|thumb|350px|Fig. 1.2 Tag actions from Toolbar button]][[Image:Screenshot3.png|left|thumb|350px|Fig. 1.3 Attach a proposed enhancement of GRAMPS by adding tagsnew tag to a multiple selection]][[Image:Screenshot4.png|right|thumb|350px|Fig. 1.4 Tag selection in the Person Editor]][[Image:Screenshot5.png|left|thumb|350px|Fig. 1.5 Filter on a tag from the Filter Sidebar]][[Image:Screenshot6.png|right|thumb|350px|Fig. 1.6 Tag Organizer]][[Image:Screenshot7.png|left|thumb|350px|Fig. 1.7 Tags column and colored rows]] <br clear="all"/>
== Analogy with mails ==
* '''Notes''': For example "notes in progess", or "notes in german",
* '''Media''': For example "Picture belonging to Uncle Alfred".
Tags have been added to People, Families, Notes and Media.
== Operations with tags ==
== Prototype ==
A '''Update''': The tagging functionality has now been implemented in trunk and the prototype can be downloaded from [ Feature Request #3880] as a patchis no longer available. It is was intended to demonstrate the functionality of an interface and to investigate some design ideas.
It has the following functionality:
The prototype stores tags as custom attributes with no value. Tags can be added and removed from people by using the standard functionality of the person editor.
[[Image:custom_attributes.png|left|thumb|350px|Fig. 1.1 Custom attributes with no value]]
[[Image:add_tag.png|right|thumb|350px|Fig. 1.2 Set a tag on Person via Menu]]
<br clear="all"/>
== Proposed design ==
* A tag maintenance dialog to organize tag names and colors. This could be similar to the "Organize Bookmarks" dialog.
* Storing tags in a new field will require new functionality to be added to the editors.
=== Tag Priority ===
* When an object has more than one tag, the color of the row in the view will be determined by tag priority.
* Tag priority will be defined by the order of the tags in the Tag Organizer. The higher the tag is in the list the higher its priority.
=== Questions ===
* Should the new tags replace existing marker functionality? Answer: Yes, markers have been removed in trunk.
* A tag will be lost if an object is tagged when its editor is open and then "OK" is clicked in the editor. Do we need to think about this?
==To do==
*{{bug|5806}} Proposed expansion of tagging for Gramps 3.5 (Assigned:[ Nick Hall] to allow ''tagging to multiple Persons, Sources etc'')

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