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3.2 Roadmap

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pylint policy is complete
* A required minimum pylint score of 9. This would require all present code to at least obtain this score? ''Developer to write this policy:'' Brian M.
** ''Status: done ([[Developer_Policies#Coding_style]])''
* Every main goal and database change needs at minimum one developer and one reviewer. We need to avoid situations as with 3.0/3.1 where large code changes where left only partially finished. If the developer drops out, the reviewer can or take over and fix things up, or revert the changes. If there are two developers then it suffices both are also reviewers.
* svn branches for all large changes that requires multiple checking over a period of time during which the code will be broken (eg database changes and large refractoring). It is mainly up to the developers to do this or not, but this should make it clear how main changes can be added to the codebase without disrupting development of other people for a long period (which should be avoided). See commands eg [ here]. ''Developer to write this policy:'' ?

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