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Organise your files

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Duncan's system: this idea is obsolete.
* ''./Need_To_Process/'' Any new files, photos, etc that I need to process into Gramps. Kind of a holding area.
= Duncan's system =
I'm still working this one out but here goes... I have an NTFS partition which I can access from both Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux, that's where I keep all my genealogy files. Because my main computer for doing genealogy work switches between two machines every now and then I name the directory after when I move it to that system. At the moment it's called ''Database_in_2008-06-20'', which I won't type every time, consider './' to mean 'the main directory'.
./Backups/ - has GRAMPS XML files as backups, I do this about once a month and after any large change.
./Dropbox/ - has anything I haven't dealt with yet (it's quite full!)
./Events/$EventNames/ - has media files which are primarily related to an event.
./Individuals/$Surnames/ - has images primarily related to an individual. The files are sorted after the persons (birth) surname.
./Individuals_icons/ - has passport sized images use for generating reports
./Places/$Country/ - has files primarily related to a specific place. I will start subdirectories by country.
./Rapports/$Surname - has some rapports I've sent out.
./Sources/$Source - has all sorts of files which contain direct information, scanned letters and so on... Sorted by the source's source.
./2008-03-11_4.gramps - there are often quite a few of these backups which I go through and put a couple in the ./Backups/ directory and throw the others out.
I don't think this system is so great so I'm working on improving it, see below.
= Duncan's planned system =

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