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I'm still trying to figure the "Why ?" section out...
A one-name study is a collection of living person persons (''address, phone'') and other biographical (''census'') data about persons sharing a particular surname or patronymic name based on the name of one's father, grandfather or an even earlier male ancestor. Some researchers are satisfied to collect information and reconstructed '''lineages'''. By distinct '''branches''', we distinct '''family groups''' which do not appear to have a direct connection. The Data data of the different family trees can be manipuled by “FamilyGroups” which distinguish the '''unrelated groups'''.
==Why ?==
The discovered data of a new married couple (date of marriage, place, first and last name of the mother and father marriage) required only one research on a gramps database with multiple family groups.
==Complementary information (or function).==
To select each family group, one different marker is added by group (homogenous related branche branches with one common ancestor). The better used use of this marker is in a “Identification Number” ( or "ID") attribute of each person and one value by ' family' group.
1.0 The first
1.1 Without numeric module, not available for Windows.
==Programs : “FamilyGroups”==
The program distinguish between attributes, family groups, surname (name of the home person).
Description of each family group, total numbers by group, number of individuals which have the surname, number of individuals which have the attribute in the selected group. For each group when a number of individuals is lower than 20, all each person is described by first and last name, Gramps ID and attributes.
==Examples :==
If you have multiple databases, join data in one file and test.
If there is an error, then there is a valid e-mail address at the end of the plugin or in the plugin list.
== Future versions ==
==> The oldest event (marriage, date, married couple) by FamilyGroups (without attribute calculation)
1/ Filter RelatedPersons => select one FamilyGroup and each related person ( for Filter ou export) - soon _ testing . 2/ Change Attributes Values => Allows allows all the attributes of a certain name to be renamed to a new name

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