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Known issues

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{{languagesstub}} Lists of some long-standing recurring issues with Gramps. Be sure also to read the instructions on [[using the bug tracker]], and to check the bug tracker to learn what the current actively researched issues are --- they aren't reported here. ==Dependencies== {| {{prettytable}}|- align="center" ! Problem! Cause on gramps3! Cause on gramps4|-|freezes and crashes when refreshing the people or place tree view, Gnome desktop|bgcolor="red"|ATK/GAIL|bgcolor="geen"||- |blank text into field|bgcolor="red"| gtk+ < 3.0|bgcolor="geen"||- |segfault on expand all nodes/rows into a tree view |bgcolor="geen"||bgcolor="red"|GObject < 3.4.0|- |missing scrollbars|bgcolor="geen"||bgcolor="red"|3.6.4 < Gtk+ < 3.10.6|-|strange layout for menu into Geography views|bgcolor="geen"||bgcolor="red"|Gtk+ >= 3.8|-|freeze after editing data|bgcolor="geen"||bgcolor="red"|3.x < Gtk+ < 3.14.7|-|} ===Gramps and some Gtk versions===* Some Gtk versions seem not to properly refresh the GUI (need to use the mouse cursor), see bug {{bug|4863}} Only an issue for Gramps 3.x / Not reproducible in Gramps 4.x or newer.* Some Gtk versions have a refresh issue on Citation TreeView (3.4.x) after an edition, see bug {{bug|5688}} FEEDBACK.* Incremental search and synchronization with typed letters, see bug {{bug|1450}} Resolved in Gramps 4.2.0.* New row/line on [[Census_Addons|Census gramplet (addon)]], see bug [ 5688] Only an issue for Gramps 3.x / Not reproducible in Gramps 4.x or newer..* Layout issue for menu into Geography, see bug [ 5742].* Gramps freezes after editing a data, see bug {{bug|7772}}. Fixed by using GTK+ 3.14.8 or higher. ===Gramps and some python gobject introspection versions===* pygobject < 3.4.0: : segfault on expand all nodes/rows into a Tree View, see bug {{bug|6289}}. === GRAMPS Gramps freezes and crashes with ATK / GNOME / GAIL Assistive Technologies enabled ===There have been multiple reports of long freezes and crashes of GRAMPS Gramps when refreshing the people or place tree view, e.g. after editing a person or changing the Name Display Format. They are related to the use of GNOME Assistive Technologies (ATK/GAIL).  * Gnome 2.xIf you experience similar problems try going into {{man menu|System -> Preferences -> Assistive Technologies}}, '''unchecking "''' ''Enable assistive technologies" and ''.* Ubuntu 12.04 LTSIf you experience similar problems try going into {{man menu|System Settings -> Keyboard -> Universal Access}},'''Disable''' all assistive technologies. Then logging out and in again. You can also try this into a console: $ sudo gedit /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.mandatory/%gconf-tree.xmlor sudo gedit /var/lib/gconf/./%gconf-tree.xmlor $ sudo gedit /etc/gdm3/greeter.gconf-defaultsor $ sudo gedit .gconf/desktop/gnome/accessibility/keyboard/%gconf.xmlLocate this part: <dir name="accessibility"> <dir name="keyboard"> <entry name="enable" ... type="bool" value="true"/> </dir>and set ''enable'' to '''false'''. ====See also====* Gramps bug {{bug|3069}} CLOSED: GtkTreeView is very slow / crashes with Assistive Technologies / ATK / a11y enabled* [ GNOME Bug 577098 - GtkTreeView (lists, Nautilus) is very slow with Assistive Technologies enabled (at-spi)], Status: UNCONFIRMED* [ GNOME Bug 571596 - GTK_MODULES=gail:atk-bridge slows down incredibly TreeStore in pygtk ], Status: RESOLVED / DUPLICATE of 577098* [ GNOME Bug 587020 - GtkTreeView crawls with a11y enabled], Status: RESOLVED / Resolution: DUPLICATE of 577098 ===No horizontal scrollbars=== * Gtk+3 bug from versions 3.8 to 3.10.6 ==Database == === Gramps runs out of locks ===With a large database, Gramps can "run out of available locks". For 140.000 people you should use: max_locks 300000 and max_objects 300000 The easiest way to do this is to create an empty database the add a file DB_CONFIG to the database directory before importing (see gramps -l output for the directory of a specific family tree. Contents of this DB_CONFIG file should be:  #may want to fiddle with cachesize also #set_cachesize 0 200000000 2 set_lk_max_locks 300000 set_lk_max_objects 300000  See bug report below.
'''See also'''
* [httpGramps bugs {{bug|2686}}:// importing d03 stress test database, and workarounds ==Data ==571596 GNOME Bug]
== GRAMPS runs out of locks = Gramps and AttributeError ===With a large database, GRAMPS can "run out of available locks". See bug report below.
'''This message is often related to your data into your FamilyTree.See also'''* [http[AttributeError:// GRAMPS Bug and workarounds_NoneType_object_has_no_attribute|AttributeError]]
[[Category:Troubleshooting]]==Encoding ==
== GRAMPS = Gramps cannot import Media media with non-ASCII characters on filename ===
If Python returns a codec/UTF8 warning and this file was pasted from an external support (CD, HD, USB key), maybe filename has been corrupted ! It seems correct on screen but not on command line. Your OS was not able to properly set the encoding used on your external support.
Make The [ replacement character] will be often a "�" (black diamond with a copy of your file from your disk white question mark). You can try to your diskfix the filename by setting the correct character. Now you will be able to import this file into Gramps ! ==Reports ==
If the accentued === Gramps cannot display some characters will be a "?", then fix the filename by setting the correct character. Now you will be able to import this file into Gramps !reports ===
== GRAMPS cannot set date greater than 21 ==RTF (''C style escape'') and LaTeX (''latin1'') file format backends on output not initially designed for a unicode support.
GrampsIt is possible to get strange non-3.0.4 under Jaunty 9.04 cannot uses date editor or media reference editor. [[Installation#Upgrading_GRAMPS|Upgrading]] to [[Installation#Ubuntu_and_derivatives|3.1.2]] fixes this issuesASCII character handling when using these formats.
It could be very specific, because it has been tested and improved since many versions, but still possible. * {{bug|3802}} relationship graph URL'''s not working with PDF format ==== See also ====* (resolved) {{bug|6883}} non-Western fonts broken in PS reports* (resolved) {{bug|6884}} RTF reports backend seems to be non-UTF-aware, breaks non-Western text   =See also'''=* [[Known issues]]* [[Common problems]]* [[Font troubleshooting]]* [https[Gramps and Windows]] [[Category:Troubleshooting]][[Category:Developers// GNOME BugQuality Assurance]]

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