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GEPS 015: Repository Research Support

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= Use Cases User Stories =
== 1. Plan a research visit to a Repository ==
Aunt Martha (AM) is planning a visit to a Repository she the UK National Archives at Kew, London. She wants to produce a report from GRAMPS that tells her all of the Sources that are held in the RepositoryNational Archives that might be of interest to her. She also wants the report to give her a list of all the people in her database that could potentially appear in those sources, without showing those that she already has the source attached to. She would also like the report to include a table with a row for each person and a column for each piece of information that the Source should contain so that she can print it out and fill it in while she is at the RepositoryKew.
== 2. Import Sources for a Repository ==
AM has discovered the Ancestry is a great Repository that she knows is a good place to find genealogy sourcesrelevant to her database. She wants to import the information about these the sources that are held by Ancestry so that she can start her research. She clicks on the 'Import Repository' button and gets a list of all of the Repositories that are in the online GRAMPS Repository database and imports the Repository that she is interested inAncestry. This populates the Sources that are contained in the RepositoryAncestry and add Ancestry to her list of Repositories.
== 3. Create Research Plan for a Person ==
AM sits down at her computer. she has a short time an hour to spare and what to progress her research. She selects a her Grandfather, Frank in the Person that she is interested in and wants View. GRAMPS to give shows her a research plan for Frank that shows all the Sources that the Person Frank might be found in and the type of information that they should contain about the Personcan be found in each Source. It also shows her the Repositories that contain those sources so that she can immediately start to look for the information.
= Reports =
= Implementation Issues =
= Implementation Plan =
= Testing =
= Future Possibilities =

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