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Gramps 3.1 Wiki Manual - Main Window

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Events view
== Events view ==
[[Image:events.png|right|thumb|250px|Fig. 2.13 Events view]]
New in version 2.2 is the inclusion of an Events View.
The default view displays the {{man label|Description}} , {{man label|ID}} , {{man label|Type}} , {{man label|Date}} , {{man label|Place}} and {{man label|Cause}} of the event.
[[Image:events.png|right|thumb|150px|Fig. 2.13 Events view]]<br clear="all" />{{man warn| Meaningful event description |Because events can be shared, you should take the extra time to give each event a unique and meaningful description. This will help you find the correct event if you decide to share events.}}
The list of Events can be sorted in the usual manner, by clicking on the column heading. Clicking once sorts in ascending order, clicking again sorts in descending order. The {{man label|Column Editor}} dialog can be used to add, remove and rearrange the displayed columns.

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