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Using database API

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This document describes the basics of the underlying GRAMPS database. This is not intended to be a reference manual, but an introductory programmer's guide to using the GRAMPS database access routines. If you are a looking for documentation on how to use the GRAMPS system as a user instead of as a program developer, it can be found on the [http[Portal:// Using_GRAMPS|GRAMPS documentation web page]]. Separate [ API Reference Documentation (Last Updated:2007-06-07 for version 3? of GRAMPS (Not sure) )] is available (Note that you should click in the right-hand-corner of this website, on the ''show private'' link to really see how the API works!).
GRAMPS is written in the [ Python] language. A basic familiarity with Python is required before the database objects can be effectively used. If you are new to Python, you may wish to check out the [ Python tutorial].

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