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yum install gramps</code>
==Manual download and install of GRAMPSGRAMPSin manuaalinen lataus ja asennus==
If you can't access the current version from your operating system's repositories you'll need to get it from this site. Some helpful users of GRAMPS have made packages for various systems. If you're lucky you'll find your system below. If it's missing you can contact the developers email list for advice.
For BSD and Solaris there are experimental install instructions below. For FreeBSD use the ''/usr/ports/science/gramps'' port.
==Gnome and ja KDE==
You can use both, but GRAMPS fits in better with GNOME. For KDE there are some minor issues due to some (GTK) issues outside of GRAMPS. Check the [[KDE page]] to know what these problems might be.
* '''desktop-file-utils''': see list of programs to open a media file on right click on an image
==Installing from sourceLähdekoogista asentaminen==
===General Requirements===

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