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3.2 Roadmap

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This page collects possibilities for the 3.2 version of GRAMPS
==Policy changes==
Changes to the way developers handle the workflow. This will be decided by the core developers in the near future.
* Required minimum pylint score? This would require all present code to at least obtain this score?
* svn branches for database changes and main goals? Can everybody with commit rights make a branch or only admins?
* Decision on the definition of the different parts of GRAMPS. What do we allow as plugins, views, gramplets, ... ? How do we offer the user a non-confusing image of what GRAMPS is? This starts in version 3.1 with not distributing some parts of GRAMPS that are present in the subversion repository.
==Dependency upgrades==
For 3.1 we have: Python 2.5 or greater, PyGTK2 2.10 or greater, Python Glade bindings, librsvg2 (svg icon view), xdg-utils
Recommended or optional: GraphViz, gtkspell, ttf-freefont . Documentation is in mediawiki.
For 3.2:
* change to PyGTK 2.12. Reason: Move away from libglade to GtkBuilder. Info: [], example: []. ''Developers'': ? - ''Reviewers'': ?
==Database backend changes==
Are there features that require database change. ? This should happen in the beginning of the development cycle.List your requirements here. Database changes should be started in subversion branches (see commands eg [ here])
* '''event subtype''': bug tracker:[]. There is partial support for this in GEDCOM that is not present in Gramps. This addition would mean a rework of the event type system to make it more user friendly to the user, instead of the copy of GEDCOM it is now: selection of most used events, main events with subtypes, addition of iternaries as subtype to use for map display, .... ''Developers'': bmcage- ''Reviewers'': ?
==Main goals==
This section lists main goals developers want to achieve with GRAMPS 3.2. Main goals should be started in subversion branches (see commands eg [ here]) * '''File Organization (GEPS 008)''': bug tracker:[]. ''Developers'': ? - ''Reviewers'': ?* '''Import Export Merge (GEPS 009)''': bug tracker:[]. ''Developers'': ? - ''Reviewers'': ?* '''Beter API documentation''': bug tracker:[]. ''Developers'': ? - ''Reviewers'': ?* '''rework PageView classes''': bug tracker: TODO. Aim would be to split PageView and classes to it's own subdirectory, allow views to be plugins, have PersonView derive from the same classes as the other views instead of a custom class, have history in all listviews (as it was intended originally, code is half finished now), allow organized views in source/place like in present person view. ''Developers'': bmcage - ''Reviewers'': ?
* '''File Organization (GEPS 008)''': bug tracker:[http://www==Minor goals==This section lists minor goals developers want to achieve.gramps-projectChanges to plugins are normally minor goals !! Minor goals can be done by one developers]. ''Developers'': ?* '''Import Export Merge (GEPS 009)Fully functional GeoView''': bug tracker:[]GeoView has some way to go to be on the level needed to allow inclusion in GRAMPS. ''Developers'': ?* '''Beter API documentationRemove memory leaks present in glade loading code''': . bug tracker:[]. ''Developers'': ?

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