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People View
*Gramplet Di benvenuto: una finestra di "benvenuto in GRAMPS".
== People View Visualizzazione persone ==[[Image:Column-editor.png|right|thumb|150px|Fig. 2.3. Column Finesta Editor Dialog col ]]The People View lists the people stored La visualizzazione persone elenca tutte le persone memorizzate. Si noti che le persone sono raggruppate in the databasebase al loro cognome. A sinistra di ogni cognome appare una freccia o un altro tipico indicatore. YouCliccando una volta sulla freccia si svela l'll note that people are grouped according to their family namesintera lista di persone con il determinato cognome. To the left of each family name is typically either an arrow or some other type of indicator. Clicking it once will reveal the entire list of people sharing that name. Clicking the indicator again will "roll up" the list and show only the family nameCliccando di nuovo la lista viene chiusa e appare solo il cognome
By default, the People View, displays several columns of information about each person. You can add or remove columns to and from the display by calling up the '''Column Editor''' dialog ( ''' Edit ->Column Editor ''' ) and checking or unchecking the boxes listed. You can also change the position of a column in People View by clicking and dragging it to a new position in the Editor. Once you have made the changes you want, click '''OK''' to exit the Editor and see your changes in the People View.

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