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These are the polls that appeared on Portal:Developers. Note: the present poll system cannot be translated, so do not add it to pages that are translated

Present poll

This poll started on ??: No poll running at the moment

Previous polls

When a poll disappears from the main page, move it here, oldest one at the bottom.

This poll started on 2008-06-23: <poll> What version of GRAMPS are you using, and why? Earlier than 2.2.10. I don't ever want to upgrade, or I have no idea how to upgrade. 2.2.x. This is the most recent version available through my package manager. 2.2.x. I used 3.x for a while, but a problem has caused me to downgrade to 2.2.x. 2.2.10. As soon as I have time I'll upgrade to the most recent 3.0.x release. 2.2.10. I'm waiting for the next 3.0.x release. 2.2.10. My OS doesn't have the necessary packages to run 3.x. 3.0.0. I like 3.x, and eventually I'll upgrade to a more recent 3.0.x release. 3.0.x. I always upgrade to the most recent maintenance release shortly after it becomes available. trunk. Yes, I know trunk shouldn't be used for my real data, but I know what I'm doing. </poll>

This poll started on ?: <poll domain=notes30> What should we do with notes in GRAMPS 3.0? Notes cannot be shared. The notes view should only show 'global' notes. Notes cannot be shared. The notes view should show all notes. Notes can be shared between people/events/places. The notes view should show all notes. And now for something completely different. This is a vote for none-of-the-above. </poll>

This poll started on 2007-03-01: <poll domain=intl> How do you rate the new wiki site? Nice and easy to use Acceptable Confusing Awful </poll>

Ancient polls

Before MediaWiki, the GRAMPS homepage was a php site. The most interesting polls that appeared there:

Poll 2007-01 
How many people are in your database?
Under 1000 45.3 % (43)
1000-5000 36.8 % (35)
5000-10K 6.3 % (6)
10K-30K 5.3 % (5)
30K-60K 3.2 % (3)
60K-100K 1.1 % (1)
More than 100K 2.1 % (2)

Poll 2006-04 
How long have you used GRAMPS?
Less than 6 months 35.5 % (33)
1 Year 12.9 % (12)
2 Years 17.2 % (16)
3 Years 11.8 % (11)
4 Years 7.5 % (7)
5 Years 5.4 % (5)
Never used it 9.7 % (9)

Poll 2005-08
If the User's Manual was available as a high quality printed book for about $10 (USD), would you be interested in buying one?
Yes 58.4 % (101)
No 41.6 % (72)

Poll 2005-07
In what language do you run GRAMPS?
English 41.5 % (17)
Other (specify) 53.7 % (22)
Translation not provided (specify) 4.9 % (2)

Poll 2005-02
What desktop do you most frequently use?
GNOME 47.4 % (18)
KDE 31.6 % (12)
XFCE 0.0 % (0)
other 21.1 % (8)