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This section describes the different Graphical Reports available in Gramps.

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Scale and Resize options

The tree is first made on a canvas that can fit a tree of any size. From that canvas the following options can change how it is finally displayed on a page. Page Size options

Scale tree to fit:

This option will scale up/down the size of the report on the canvas to fit the size of the page (set in Paper Options) that you wish to print on. Currently you can:

  • Do not scale tree
  • Scale tree to fit page width only
  • Scale tree to fit the size of the page (both width and height)

Note: For the last option, the report will scale to the lesser scale amount. If the report can be scaled up to fit the width, but needs to be scaled down further to fit the height, it will be scaled down leaving lots of room (empty white space) width-wise. Or if the report needs to be scaled down just a little for height and scaled down more for width, the report will be scaled down the most (width) leaving a gap (empty white space) at the bottom.

Without the Resize Page to Fit Tree size. option checked, the following:

  • Do not scale the tree may give you a report that spans multiple pages horizontally and/or vertically
  • Scale tree to fit page width only may still give you a report that spans multiple pages vertically. No pages to the sides of others. Only one on top of another.
  • Scale tree to fit the size of the page will give you a one page only report. The report will print on a page the size set in Paper Options.

Resize Page to Fit Tree size

This option tells how big/small to resize the page we will print on. With this option unchecked, the page size that is set in Paper Option. With this option checked the following happens based upon the three choices in Scale tree to fit:.

Overrides options in the 'Paper Option' tab

This option will create irregular page sizes.

This tells to (almost) ignore what is set on Paper Options and print on a page the same dimensions that the tree uses on the canvas. So taking the three options above, in scale tree to fit, this is what will happen if you select the 'Resize Page to Fit Tree size' option:

  • With Do not scale the tree, this option will completely ignore what is set in Paper Options and print on a page that is large enough to display the entire tree
  • With Scale tree to fit page width only, this option will ignore Paper Height that is set in Paper Options only. The tree has already been scaled up/down to fit the page width, so it is set. Only the page Height is set upon the height of the tree we are printing.
  • With Scale tree to fit the size of the page, the tree has already been scaled to the size of the page. But as noted above, either the width or height will (more than likely) have a gap (empty white space) in it. The Resize Page to Fit Tree size will narrow down this gap on the page to remove that gap.

Know what you want to print on

Scaling a tree is something that I personally try to avoid as much as possible. The Document OptionsStyle sets the size of text that I want to print. Scaling down is not very desirable as the text gets harder and harder to read. Scaling up is not that bad but still can have the same effect. So here are some pointers to make nice printed documents.

First thing first. What paper sizes CAN you print on? Ask around and see what page sizes you can print on easily. Just knowing what paper sizes you CAN print on helps a lot. At Kinkos (in the U.S.A) there is a 3 foot wide printer with paper that is on a roll (any length). So we could use 'Scale report to fit page width only' and 'One page report' for this.

It is also noteworthy to first make your report using Scale tree to fits Do not scale the report option and Resize Page to Fit Tree size to know what the reports full dimensions (width and height) are. This will help you know how to better put this report on the pages you can print on. Here are some other quick things to take into account.

  • A report that is very high and not too wide may print better with only the Scale report to fit page width only option.
  • With the reports normal width, which will print better? Landscape or Portrait?
  • Since every boxes width is set by the widest box, can you use the Descendant reports → Replace option to abbreviate or remove very long parts that are not needed?
  • The size of the title. If there is room, you may want to make the title larger. And if it is too large, it will set the width of the report.