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Import Text Gramplet - Addon - Showing Gramps XML example

The Import Text Gramplet allows you to paste the content of selected file formats and import directly into Gramps without having data in a file.

  • Gramps XML
  • CSV (spreadsheet input)
  • vCard files - The vCard (Virtual Contact File or VCF) import and export currently supports only the version 3.0 format with property types for the name (FN, N, NICKNAME, SORT-STRING), address (ADR), telephone number (TEL), birthday (BDAY), occupation (ROLE), URL (URL), email address (EMAIL), and gender (GENDER, X-GENDER). This is a core subset of the dozens of propertt types available in the vCard format.


From the Dashboard use the context menu (right-click) to add the Import Text Gramplet.


Import CSV (spreadsheet input)

CSV pasted into Import Text Gramplet

To import a CSV you could:

  • Create a new Family Tree to test the following.
  • Add the Import Text Gramplet to your Dashboard.
  • Copy the contents of the CSV example from User manual
  • Paste the contents directly into the text input area of the Gramplet.
  • Then select the Import button only once unless you want the same information imported multiple times.
  • Then empty the text input area by selecting the Clear button.
  • View the imported results in Gramps
  • If you want to reverse the imported result because you made a mistake or pressed the the Import button multiple times you can select Edit > Undo CSV import from the Gramps menu as many times as you need.


  • allow import from pasted GEDCOM file 5436