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To find more information about Gramps, please visit the Gramps Project Web page:

Original author

Gramps was written by Donald N. Allingham ([email protected]).


The somewhat incomplete list of contributors includes (in first name alphabetical order):

  • Alexander Bogdashevsky
  • Alexander Roitman
  • Alexandre Duret-Lutz
  • Alexandre Prokoudine
  • Anton Huber
  • Arkadiusz Lipiec
  • Arpad Horvath
  • Arturas Sleinius
  • Baruch Even
  • Benny Malengier
  • Bernd Felsche
  • Bernd Schandl
  • Billy C. Earney
  • Brian Matherly
  • Bruce J. DeGrasse
  • Daniel Durand
  • David R. Hampton
  • Donald A. Peterson
  • Douglas S. Blank
  • Eero Tamminen
  • Egyeki Gergely
  • Frederick Noronha
  • Frode Jemtland
  • Gary Burton
  • Gary Shao
  • Greg Kuperberg
  • Guillaume Pratte
  • James Treacy
  • Jason Salaz
  • Jeffrey C. Ollie
  • Jens Arvidsson
  • Jérôme Rapinat
  • Jesper Zedlitz
  • Jim Smart
  • Jiri Pejchal
  • John Doorty
  • Julio Sanchez
  • Kees Bakker
  • Larry Allingham
  • Lars Kr. Lundin
  • Laurent Protois
  • Leonid Mamtchenkov
  • Lorenzo Cappelletti
  • Lubo Vasko
  • Luiz Gonzaga dos Santos Filho
  • Marcos Bedinelli
  • Mark Knoop
  • Martin Hawlisch
  • Martin Senftleben
  • Matt Brubeck
  • Matthias Kemmer
  • Matthieu Pupat
  • Michel Guitel
  • Mirko Leonhäuser
  • Nathan Bullock
  • Paul Franklin
  • Pier Luigi Cinquantini
  • Radek Malcic
  • Radu Bogdan Mare
  • Richard Bos
  • Richard Taylor
  • Sam Manzi
  • Samuel Tardieu
  • Sebastian Voecking
  • Serge Noiraud
  • Soren Roug
  • Stefan Bjork
  • Stéphane Charette
  • Steve Hall
  • Steve Swales
  • Tim Allen
  • Tim Waugh
  • Tino Meinen
  • Trevor Rhodes
  • Wayne Bergeron
  • Xing Wang
  • Yaakov Selkowitz

If you know of somebody else who should be listed here, please let us know.

Have an issue or idea?

To report a bug or make a suggestion regarding this application or this manual, use the Help > Report a Bug menu in Gramps, or follow the directions on this site.


This program is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public license as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. A copy of this license can be found at this link, or in the file COPYING included with the source code of this program.

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