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This section describes all the different reports available in Gramps.

The number of available reports in Gramps is huge and could be overwhelming at first glance. The different subsections describe the various possibilities and options:

Additional Reports

Starting with Gramps version 3.2 a new system was implemented to have even more reports available. This system is controlled by the Plugin Manager. Check the list of the available reports here.


Generating Reports: This first subsection gives you some general remarks.

Substitution Values

Substitution Values: you can use some handy values in your reports. (Selected reports only)


The book report creates a single document containing a collection of graphical and textual reports.

Available items selections

Alphabetical Index

Alphabetical Index - This item produces page(s) with an alphabetical index of people noted into selected textual reports.

Custom Text

Custom Text - This item produces a page with three paragraphs, each containing custom text: Initial Text, Middle Text and Final Text. The text input fields are expandable so you can really put all the text you want in there.

Table Of Contents

Table Of Contents - A Table of contents (TOC) is generated for book as a list of the parts of a book or document organized in the order in which the parts appear.

Title Page

Title Page - A title page for your book.

Graphical Reports

Graphical reports represent information in forms of charts and graphs.

Ancestor Tree

The Ancestor Tree report generates the chart of people who are ancestors of the Active Person.


The Calendar report produces a calendar with birthdays and anniversaries on a page by month.

Descendant Tree

The Descendant Tree report generates a graph of people who are descendants of the Active Person.

Family Descendant Tree

The Family Descendant Tree generates a graph of people who are descendants of the Active Family.

Fan Chart

The Fan Chart report produces a chart resembling a fan, with Active Person in the center, parents the semicircle next to it, ans so on, for a total of five generations.

Statistics Charts

The Statistics Charts report can collect and display a wealth of statistical data about your database.

Timeline Chart

The Timeline Chart report outputs the list of people with their lifetimes represented by intervals on a common chronological scale.


Graphs reports are created in the in Graphviz format and then converted into graphical output running it through the Graphviz dot tool behind the scene.

Family Lines Graph

The Family Lines Graph creates an easy-to-follow graph.

Hourglass Graph

The Hourglass Graph generate an hourglass graph.

Relationship Graph

The Relationship Graph creates a complex relationship graph.

Text Reports

Text reports output information as formatted text.

Ahnentafel Report

The Ahnentafel Report lists the Active Person and his or her ancestors along with their vital data. The people are numbered in an establish standard called 'Ahnentafel'.

Birthday and Anniversary Report

The Birthday and Anniversary Report gives the same information as a calendar but in text format.

Complete Individual Report

The Complete Individual Report provides individual summaries similar to that of the Individual Summary Report.

Database Summary Report

The Database Summary Report displays the overall statistics concerning number of individuals of each gender, various incomplete entries statistics, as well as family and media statistics.

Descendant Report

The Descendant Report presents the descendants of the Active Person with a brief description in intended style.

Detailed Ancestral Report

The Detailed Ancestral Report covers in detail the ancestors of the Active Person, including a range of vital data as well as marriages.

Detailed Descendant Report

The Detailed Descendant Report covers in detail the descendants of the Active Person by generation, following the genealogical tradition of textual descendant reports by generation. It aims to provide all important features expected to be found in these classic descendency formats and has received influence from various sources.

End of Line Report

The End of Line Report provides a list of of the person's last known ancestors with the pedigree line, ordered by generations.

Family Group Report

The Family Group Report creates a family group report, showing information on a set of parents and their children.

Kinship Report

Kinship Report provides the kinship of selected person according to level search( hight, down generations) set by the user.

Note Link Report

The Note Link Report checks the status of links in notes.

Number of Ancestors Report

The Number of Ancestors Report displays the number of ancestors of the Active Person. The form is - generation x has y individuals (z %).

Place Report

The Place Report produces a report according to places selected by the user. It will list related person and event to the selected place.

Records Report

Records Report shows a number of interesting records(mostly age related) in your database, like oldest living person, youngest mother,etc.

Tag Report

The Tag Report lists primary objects - persons, families, and notes - who match the selected tag.

Web Pages

Web Pages for use on your personal website or to give away as a standalone report.

Narrated Web Site

One of the reports in this category is the Narrated Web Site report. It generates a web site (that is, a set of linked web pages), for a set of selected individuals.

Web Calendar

Web Calendar

Quick Views

Quick Views are reports that are available in the context menu's of person, family, ... They are easy to make by users, even with limited coding knowledge.

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