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This section describes the Quick Reports as part of the different reports available in Gramps.

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Quick Views

Fig. 11.8.1 Quick View context menu on Person View
Fig. 11.8.2 Quick View Report - People view - Same Surname - example popup window

Quick Views are popup window reports available in the context menu's of the most of the views and some of the edit dialogs.

The following Quick view reports are available:

  • People view and Person Edit dialog
    • All Events
    • Father linage
    • Mother linage
    • Person References
    • Relation to Home Person
    • Same Given Names
    • Same Surnames
    • Siblings
  • Families view and Family Edit dialog
    • All Family Events
    • Family References
  • Events view
    • Event References
    • On This Day
  • Places view
    • Place References
  • Sources view
    • Source References
  • Citations view
    • Citation References
  • Repository view
    • Repository References
  • Media view
    • Media References
  • Notes view
    • Link References
    • Note References

Making your own Quick view

You can easily make a Quick view, even with limited programming/coding knowledge.

Many users want to produce a view quickly for their specific needs, but are hindered by the fact they do not want to learn python fully, nor the intricacies of a complicated program like Gramps.

These views are short textual reports that the user can register with Gramps, so they automatically appear in the context menu's.

Accompanying this, a simple database access and simple document interface has been constructed, so as to hide as much complexity as possible.

To make your own Quick view, visit the Quick Views Coding page

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