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Edit Image Exif Metadata

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The Edit (Image) Exif Metadata Gramplet offers an easy interface to add, edit, and remove Image Exif Metadata from your images (*.jpg, *.png. *.tiff, *.exv, *.nef, *.psd, *.pgf).

See also the builtin:


Special Note:

Before being able to use this gramplet/ addon, you will need to download and install pyexiv2 or install pyexiv2 from your local Linux repository. Windows user, there is an installer for you. Ubuntu, use the Universe repository to find python-pyexiv2.

Once you have installed pyexiv2, see above for directions to download and install this addon...

Pyexiv2 can be used from the command line interface (cli) as well, and from within a python script:

  1. import the pyexiv2 library
    from pyexiv2 import ImageMetadata, ExifTag
  2. specify your image
    image = ImageMetadata("/home/user/image.jpg")
  3. read the image

Exif, IPTC, XMP metadata reference tags can be found here.


image["Exif.Image.Artist"] # Artist
Smith and Johnson's Photography Studio

image["Exif.Image.DateTime"] # DateTime
1826 Apr 12 14:00:00

image["Exif.Image.DateTime"] = # Add DateTime

image.write() # write the Metadata

Usage scenario

My preferred way to use this addon is:

  1. install pyexiv2
  2. Install this addon
  3. Install Split Views
  4. Restart Gramps
  5. Click on Split Views from the left-side Navigation Sidebar
  6. Click Views from the Menu bar, and select Media Views
  7. Close the right side View by clicking the X at the top left side
  8. Slide the available empty right view to about half the screen.
  9. Right click in the open space, and select Add a Gramplet
  10. Select Image Metadata Gramplet
  11. Select an image from the left hand MediaView

The interface

Data Fields


The name of the person or company taking the image

Select Date

Will bring up a calendar, and double-click on a date. The time will be filled in as the current time


The Date/ Time needs to be typed in as a very specific format:
Year Mon Day Hour:Minutes:Seconds
11826 Apr 12 14:06:00


Can be anything that you please... Ex: (C) 2010 Smith and Wesson


Please enter keywords that describe the picture. Do NOT add a space after the comma. Ex. : Census,Milwaukee,Oregon

Latitude/ Longitude

Latitude/ Longitude data can be entered in one of two ways:
  1. Degrees Minutes Seconds Ex.: 10 59 14
    In this format, you will need to select latitude reference, and longitude reference
    If the Latitude begins with a negative number, select 'S' as Lat. Ref. or 'N' if a positive number. If the Longitude begins with a negative number, select 'W' as the Long. Ref. or 'E' if a positive number.
  2. Decimal, Ex. : -34.15954
    In this format, the Latitude and Longitude reference will be selected for you after you click Convert GPS Coordinates or press the Save button. For foreign countries that might use a ", " instead of a ".", please use the "."


Type in something about the image, the people in it or the location of the image. Non-latin characters are NOT allowed. ASCII characters only...


  1. Save
    Will write the metadata to the image, and convert latitude/ longitude if it is in decimal format.
  2. Clear
    Will clear all data fields
  3. Convert GPS Coordinates
    will convert Latitude/ Longitude if it is in decimal format

My favorite source for GPS Coordinates is: GPS Visualizer


  • 6606 Gramplet does not work ( Needs converting from pyexiv2 to GExiv2. (Was originally included in Gramps 3 and earlier) )
    • 2018-04-02 10:33:07.872: WARNING: line 295: Plugin error (from 'editexifmetadata'): No module named 'pyexiv2'